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Terms of use of the site

General conditions

The operator of this website is the "U Holanďanů" company, Ronnie Johanes Maria Meerts with registered office at Palachova 757/41, 412 01 Litoměřice, ID: 763 76 184 (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator"). No 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended, is entitled to exercise property rights to these pages. The Operator owns all rights under the Copyright Act to the content of the Site, including text and design, technical drawings, graphics, all illustrations on these pages, as well as the selection and arrangement of the files contained on this website. This web application is operated using the Web Content Management System license, which is owned by J.M.POST, ID No: 621 92 981. The operator hereby issues the conditions for use of the Internet site (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). Ina's web sites are free of charge for the public and their use is governed by these Terms and Conditions. Usage The user undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in the Czech Republic, good manners and these Rules and will not in any way damage the good name of the Operator or other users. The user undertakes not to:

to interfere with the security, technical nature or content of websites, or otherwise abuse them

to interfere with the use of this site by other users

Use Spam Spam pages, Chain Messages

send viruses or any malicious or malicious programs to this site

create fake messages to fake the identity of the sender, or attempt to penetrate the account of other users

attempting to gain access to those parts of pages that are excluded from the use of the public

to distribute reports or materials infringing the legislation of the Czech Republic on this website

Limitation of operator's liability

The contents of the Ina Web Site are only informative and non-binding. The operator is not liable for the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website. The disclosure of any data and information on this site, except for these Rules, is not the nature of any legal act to establish a legal relationship between the Operator and the User unless expressly stated otherwise in each case. The operator may at any time, without prior notice, make changes to the information on this site. The operator is not responsible for any potential damage that users may incur in connection with the use of the Ina Web site. The operator also has no responsibility for advertising, any other form of promotion performed by any third party through the ina. Furthermore, the operator does not bear any responsibility for the content of the third party web sites that can be accessed via the ina website.

Protection of personal data

Access to ina sites or certain services provided by the operator on this website may be wholly or partly conditioned by the provision of some user's personal information in the sense of the law. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data. The Operator undertakes to dispose of these data in accordance with applicable legal regulations and to use them only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are obtained and in such a way as to avoid any detriment to the subject of such data. The operator further uses these data for his / her internal needs, in particular for analyzing and evaluating potential risks, monitoring service quality and client satisfaction. The user agrees with the above procedure. Personal data is secured by the Provider according to standards that ensure the maximum possible protection of data processing from unauthorized access or transmission, before their loss or destruction, as well as possible misuse.

Final Provisions

These Terms are entitled to change the Operator at any time. Terms of Use are effective from the date of their publication. The conditions were published on 19 June 2018.

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We use cookies to enable you to browse the website comfortably and, thanks to traffic analysis, to constantly improve its functions, performance and usability.

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