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Skewers Recipe - Dutch finger food

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And here is the first simple recipe according to the old Dutch tradition, we call him skewers and throws a party, or a party, it's something like a Czech sandwich or a bigger one in Holland.

Recipe on Old Dutch skewers




1 thick slice (2 cm) of young farmer Gouda

1 thick slice (2 cm), old farm Goudy

1 thick slice (2 cm), ham

Canned pineapple (or mixed pickled fruits, mandarins, etc.)


Pickled onion

Salami slices

1 cucumber snake

1 pepper

Wooden skewers - dipsticks.

And even small tomatoes, dried tomatoes, olives, and whatever else you think about it, can be added to a dipstick with a cheese cube.


Cut cheese and ham into nice triangular and square pieces. Slices also cut pickled cucumbers and gherkin cucumber in half a inch thick. Just cut the peppers to pieces.

Now we can begin to combine the elements and hold them by pairs with a punch.

For example:

Roll the pickled cucumber in a piece of salami and punch it with a pencil.

Or some cheese with onions or a piece of fruit.

First a piece of young cheese, then a piece of ham.

Pepper with salami (and possibly with onions?).

Cucumber with old cheese.

Or get a bigger punch and combine everything. There are many variations and it depends only on your imagination.

It is nice to make large plates with different tasty pieces and it is good that everything can be prepared in advance, so it can not happen that after the arrival of the visit you will come to the work in the kitchen about what the visitors were talking about.

We wish you a nice party!

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