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Při nákupu za více jak 2400 Kč budete mít dopravné po ČR zdarma.
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Gouda farmer´s Cheese Cow 48+ 45 weeks matured 1x ¼ cheese (+/- 3 Kg.)

Gouda farmer´s Cheese Cow 48+ 45 weeks matured 1x ¼ cheese (+/- 3 Kg.)
60.46 € with VAT (52.57 € without VAT)
Ordering unit

availability in stock
code 3-24
order processing time 6 days
Brand U Holanďanů
Certification Gouda farmer´s cheese
Cover Fresh vacumised
Exp- date 8 weeks
Quality ranking Top quality
Row cow milk

The minimum ordering unit of this type of cheese is 1/4 loaf = approx. 3 kg.

If you order more cheese, you have got a lower price:

If you order 1 x 1/4 cheese (+/- 3 kg)

your price is for 1 kg 20,15 EURO

2 x 1/4 cheese (+/- 6 kg)

1 kg 19,58 EURO

3 x 1/4 cheese (+/- 9 kg)

1 kg 19,00 EURO

4 x 1/4 cheese +/- 12 kg)

1 kg 18,42 EURO

Cheese is a natural product that loses a certain weight when ripening. In addition, our cheese is hand cut. For these two reasons, it is likely that if you order ¼ or ½ cheese, the exact weight may be somewhat lower or higher than the quantity ordered. You will always only pay for what you get, so the final invoice can often be slightly lower and sometimes slightly higher than the amount listed above. The exact weight will be known after the package has been prepared and will be sent on the same day to your e-mail along with an invoice with the exact amount. So you will know exactly what amount you have to pay to the supplier.

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