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Při nákupu za více jak 2400 Kč budete mít dopravné po ČR zdarma.
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Accessibility Statement

This web presentation (hereinafter referred to as the presentation, the web) was built in accordance with the Czech Rules for the creation of an accessible website. Exceptions from this methodology are listed in the Inaccessible section of the site. If you encounter a problem page, please contact our Technical Administrator and try to resolve the issue.

Inaccessible parts of the site

Without the JavaScript, the Add to Favorites and Print links do not work, but you can print through the File menu => Print (or Ctrl + P) through the browser menu. The source code of the presentation meets the XHTML 1.0 Strict standard issued by the W3C consortium. Cascading styles meet CSS level 3.

Customized viewing options

Presentation is only available in one (basic) style, but some browsers support style switching / personalizing at different levels. Mozilla Firefox supports style and user styles off. Opera supports advanced styles handling including dozens of preset templates.

Contact Technical Administrator

In case of emergency, you can send a message to our Technical Administrator at <a href=\\\\'\\\\'> </a>.


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